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Passwordstate Credential Repository - select credential for Windows API

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When choosing the "Windows Integrated" API mode on the Passwordstate credential repository, you are prompted for a username, password, and domain.


Rather than provide these values on the Credential Repository entry directly, I'd like to use an existing credential. More specifically, I'd like to use the "My Personal Credentials" entry (a username/password value) to authenticate against Passwordstate.

Though not as clean, a solution like the "My Account Settings" for Pleasant Password Server would work too:

If it has to be implemented through the "My Account Settings", the option to choose an existing credential there would be great.

If the context helps, most services are authenticated with the user's "My Personal Credentials". Some connections require credentials from Passwordstate. These host entries should pull the password from Passwordstate but do so using the user's "My Personal Credentials" to authenticate to Passwordstate.

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Hello Steve,

Thank you for the feature request, this is indeed something that could be very useful to add. We'll put it on our todo list.
I don't think we can put it in the PasswordState entry itself but through the "my account settings" is possible. It's also more consistent with how the other credential entry types work.


Hubert Mireault


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