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Allow the use of AD Security groups

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I am guessing this has been brought up before. But the addition on allowing the usage of Active Directory Security Groups in addition to users would be a HUGE improvement. Adding individual users leads to mistakes and is time consuming. The usage of RDM is picking up here and this is becoming a major pain point.

Who could I bribe to get this on top of the feature request list?smile

Clock7 yrs


AD Integration is a feature of our Remote Desktop Manager Server Edition. It happens we released a new Small Business Edition today!!!

Please read for more information


Maurice Côté


Clock7 yrs

Just to add to the Maurice's comment. This is not to sell you Remote Desktop Manager Server, it's really because it's nearly impossible to do in a client/server environment. We really need a server to handle the authentication and the AD integration.

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

Thanks David, I had a feeling there was more behind it. As you have been quick to look at other suggestions/comments in the past.

I had to change the way I was deploying RDM, so I need the groups now. I did not want to go back to management and request more funding. But my oversight, my issue. BTW, do you ever sleep? You are always responding so quick in the forums.

Clock7 yrs


I'd like to discuss with you the best solution for your needs and how we can help with the AD integration using Remote Desktop Manager Server.

Could you please send me an email at


Maxime Trottier


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