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Data migration using Powershell

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I was preparing a workshop and noticed that this content wasn't available online, so I will post this here until we add it to the online help.

When migrating data, or even wishing to have a FULL backup of a system, some aspects must be handled carefully:

  • Documents: they must be exported individually when they are stored in your data source
  • Private Vault: Other users, including sysadmins, do NOT have access to your private vault, each user must ensure to create a copy for safekeeping
  • Templates come in two different flavors: Local or Shared. They are not stored in the same manner.
The scenario is therefore:
  • Full export of the data by a sysadmin, this will include local and global templates, the sessions, the binary content of documents stored in the datasource, etc.
  • Individual export of the Private Vault by each individual user.
I will attach the scripts to this post, please add your questions/comments in replies to this topic.
Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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