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OpenVPN with Viscosity

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First of all: RDM is a awesome product, it makes our life as supporter much easier!

One thing we would really appreciate:
Plattform independet OpenVPN connections.

We have dozens of customers with openvpn gateways. We use Windows and Mac for remote connections and there is no possability to store a openvpn connection in RDM which is OS independet. Tunnelblick works for OSX and OpenVPN GUI for Windows.

For this usecase it would be awesome to have an integration of Viscosity

Viscosity runs on both platforms like a charm and the configuration files are same on both systems.

The offers an api.

Do you see a chance for that?

Thanks in advance

Clock2 yrs

I will enter a feature request for that. I'm not sure how easy it would be to do the integration and we will need a little bit of R&D


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs

I would also like to request this smile Even if it's just to control VPN connections that need to be configured in Viscosity.

Here are documentation that would be useful.

If it's not enough I think that contacting the company that makes it may result in cooperation smile

Clock7 mths