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  • The VMRC connection takes a few seconds to connect - several depending on WAN latency. Using the default Console type, I get the powershell window which is not ideal (not a show stopper) and using the 'VMRC 8.0' type.. it shows nothing. What are the chances of executing powershell with -WindowStyle hidden and displaying a 'initializing session' progress bar (like when connecting to a datasource) for either of the Console types? I would think this would be relevant to any 3rd party type connectivity, macro, or script?
  • I currently use the 'Host' connection type and the new 'Use template host' feature. I'm unable to pass $REMOTE_MANAGEMENT_SERVER$ to a template but I passing $CUSTOM_FIELD_X$ value works.
  • Allow for an indefinite wait time for event (Before Connect, etc). This is currently limited to 300 seconds. A better option for me would be - if the event does not complete within the timeout period... don't open the session (Before Connect)?
  • Similar to what I mentioned regarding the default VMRC connection type - allow for a powershell -WindowStyle hidden option for powershell sessions and macros. I use GUI scripts almost exclusively... having the PS console draw on the screen and sit in the background is annoying.
  • Add more $CUSTOM_FIELD$ variables... this is very valuable real estate for me. Another option would be to allow carriage returns in $CUSTOM_FIELD_4/5$ which would allow me to parse it like an old school INI file. I can do this now, but having it in a human readable format would be very helpful.

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In addition. I just noticed that the 'Use template host' removes the host field value. Can this be changed to allow the host value and pass $HOST$ to the template?

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I have entered multiple feature requests in our system. Thank you

David Hervieux


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