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ServiceNow is a ITSM software that keeps track on customers, configuration items, tickets, changes, etc
They have a full API!/home

It would be great to have an import/integration feature that would pull customers, config items and notes on config items(CI) that builds the list of servers (CI). ServiceNow also stores the password so being able to request that would be awesome as well.
With this integration ServiceNow and RemoteDesktopManager would be an extremely powerful combo!

Clock3 yrs

Thank you. I will enter this to our todo list.


David Hervieux


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Hi there,

We are also using ServiceNow, which has all the api possibility you will ever need.
Being able to Reset 2FA's, adding/removing entrys automatically would be awesome.

Let me know what can be possible!
im a developer/admin in ServiceNow with knowledge About API.

I can create and share update sets for other customers so they can use it.
Let me know!


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Just wondering if anything came of this?

would be awesome to see related incidents/ticket/etc for a given host via RDM from SNOW

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I also would like to ask about this again. We actually have a full-time ServiceNow developer who could potentially work on this because we use it across a large enterprise.

To be blunt, if we had this it would help me justify a purchase of the enterprise edition ;-)


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