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Add a view template for beginners, intermediates, etc.

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I have a lot of people in the company I work for that have mixed skills and are very used to different interfaces (MSFT RDM, RoyalTS, vShpere) however RDM has a pretty steep learning curve and many simply want to use it as a session manager, but when they look at the interface they immediately are overloaded. Makes it a bit difficult to cross sell other departments for purchasing of the tool.


Basic Remote Desktop - Add features and the view to appear like RoyalTS or just give people simple methods to add remote desktops.
Intermediate - Feature more options like credential entries, creating multiple data sources, powershell options etc.
Expert - All features.

Color themes
Visual Studio - Match Visual Studio coloring

These are just a quick brain dump on friday morning so it might not be fully explained well.

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You're absolutely right about this. I already have on my todo list a feature called User Profile similar to your Basic, Intermediate and Expert description. I think that something we could do soon.


David Hervieux


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