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Is there any deeper information on what the Syslog logging in DVLS sends out? I'm looking to get Connection info sent to the syslog host so that can be correlated with RDP connection info from eventlogs. Currently it seems to only output error messages - or am I missing a setting somewhere?

This to make it possible to detect cases where RDM isnt beeing used - see this older request.


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Only the server logs are sent over, not the activity logs of your users.

We have just started looking at improving our logging services, we have to help being compliant with the GDPR regulation for May 2018.

For now, you would have to query our logging table to achieve your goals

For enforcing going through RDM to connect to remote systems, you must go through an intermediate device (Jump, Gateway, SSH Tunnel) and not divulge the credentials to that device. You also must put firewall restrictions in place to allow connections only from the jump box.

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