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Add passing in of user specific settings into VPN Credentials

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I need to be able to pass in user specific credentials from a users private vault into a VPN that is configured for a session. Currently the only way to pass credentials into the VPN is "Default", Credential Repository, My Personal Credentials, None or Private Vault Search.

The private vault search will only work if everyone has the same named credential in their private vault.

It would be great to be able to set the VPN credential from the user specific setting and/or be able to set the VPN credential to use the session credential (as these are often the same credential).


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I have just discovered how to do this from another similar post where is describes how to set up the session VPN to use VPN type of "Session" which can be a "VPN Session". On the VPN session you can set a user specific setting for the private vault entry.

In the RDP entry, go in the VPN section and select the General tab. In the Type field, select Session.
Now, click on the Settings tab and select your VPN entry in the dropdown list

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Glad that you have been able to found the proper information inside another post.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Jeff Dagenais

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