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Password Vault Missing after connecting to DVLS

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My password Vault is missing after connecting to DVLS. When i set the data source to DVLS I can not see any of may saved password entries. But if directly connect to the database with out devolution server the entries are there.

Pesala Sampath

Clock3 yrs


The users created in the SQL data source are not the same users as the one created in the DVLS data source. Even if you are using the same AD account.

It is a normal behavior that you do not find your Private Vault entries because the user you use to connect on the SQL data source doesn't have the same ID as the one you use to connect on the DVLS data source. Each user has its own Private Vault in the database.

So, you would need to export your entries from the Private Vault when connected on the SQL data source. Then import them in the Private Vault of the DVLS user.

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


Clock3 yrs