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Unable to connect to some addresses

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I seem to have issues connectng to a RDP host with an address ending in .255 (in a subnet).

External connections always work. Embedded does not.

OSX 10.12.6
RDM (free edition)

Some help would be appreciated.

Also, the performance isn't comparable to the performance of the same too for Windows, but a lot has already been written on that.

Otherwise a nice product!



Clock3 yrs

Hi Leo,

Are you sure the address is the issue? Is it the only one failing?

Could you configure your log on the faulty RDP session and send it to me? Here are the instructions:

As for the performance, we're always working on improving, but RDM Windows and RDM Mac use entirely different components (a.k.a. RDP ActiveX Control vs FreeRDP), so differences in performances is to be expected. What could help us is specific grievances you have regarding performances, we might be able to fix specific issues faster.

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock3 yrs