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Let me start by thanking you for developing an awesome Remote Desktop Software for MAC. I bought the full version instantly as soon I discovered your work. However I did notice that many features are lacking in MAC version compared to Windows especially Add ons, AWS Console, MYSQL support, third party VPN support. (like Juniper Pulse Secure). In my opinion, a lot of developers are switching to MAC from Windows ever since AWS and cloud is taking over projects. It would be terrific if you can develop MAC version on par with Windows version. Regardless I appreciate your guys work for developing a MAC software that has so many features.


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First, let me thank you for your feedback.

As you probably already know, RDM is a pretty large application, especially the Windows version. While we try to implement the most feature we can, the simple sheer number of features in RDM Windows (and the fact it is growing at a very fast pace) makes it difficult to stay on par with it.

That being said, we work mainly on a per-request basis where features requested by users (if feasible in the Mac version) gets higher priority. Hence, I'll encourage you to share with us which features you would personally like to see implemented in RDM Mac.

You're not the first one to mention AWS Console, though, so I can already tell you this is already being integrated in RDM Mac and you should get it in an upcoming version of RDM Mac. It would be awesome to get feedback on it too, when it gets out.

As for the Add ons, as of now we simply integrate them directly into the App when they are requested (save us on development time). SecureCRT is such an example.

I've given a quick look into the RDM Windows implementation of Juniper Pulse Secure and this seems to be handled through command line. Would you happen to know if the Juniper Pulse Secure Mac App offer similar command line arguments, or AppleScript integration? I'll look into it myself, but if you already know it, this might save us some time.

Can you give me a bit more information on MySQL support you'd like to see? I know the MySQL data source is already implemented.

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


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