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problem with upn-suffixes and domain logins on DVLS

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any news for fixing the problem with domain logins and upn-suffixes on DVLS

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For your information, DVLS version already supports the usage of alternate UPN suffixes.

I am afraid to say that there are still some minor issues with that version. Here is a short list of these issues that has been fixed internally.
- The Automatic User Creation works only for UPN username format. NetBios or Username will not work and wont create user accounts.
- The Automatic User Creation wont work if an AD Group is configured.
- Some problems with the backup feature on specific configuration.
- Some minor issues in the web interface.

If you are not concerned by those issues, you can upgrade to version and RDM
Otherwise, I will recommend you to wait for the next version of DVLS that should be released shortly.

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


Clock3 yrs