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After upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6 can't login anymore (authentication error)

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After upgrade from Server Console from 4.5 to 4.6 we can't login anymore, authentication error, both from web as from RDM client.
I downloaded 4.5 again, replaced files in iis folder except web.config, rebooted server, and we could login again (domain authentication).
Does anyone have a clue what could have gone wrong while updating?
I've kept a backup of the iis 4.6 folder just in case.

Kind regards,

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There is a button to "reload" the user information from the domain, it may be that your users did not have the UPN field information. Could you run another test but on a copy of your site? (staging instance that points to a copy of the database)

We can have a remote session to help out, but it would be during the rest of the week, today is a civic holiday for us.

Best regards

Maurice Côté


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Hello Maurice,
I've a similar problem and I've found that most of my users have authentication type "Custom (Devolutions)" instead of "Domain".

I'm sure that before the upgrade they was using the AD password for login so I think that's this change was introduced after the upgrade.

I've sent to your support email some additional screenshot of my environment. It's very urgent for us to solve, I'm available for a remote session when you are available


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@Fabio Grasso,

We have seen your emails in our support mailbox and we will continue to reply to you via the support mailbox channel.

For the next time, please use the forum channel or the support mailbox channel. Duplicating an issue on our different channels may be more confusing for the support team.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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