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Launch from tray should not focus RDM for nonembed

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OK, so maybe not the best title for a feature request, but I think it gets the point across smile

Basically what I'm looking for is when launching a non-embedded session from the tray icon to not have the RDM main window take focus, or at least an option to disable the focus on launch of non-embedded. For instance I use the tray list quite often for FTP/SFTP sessions which are not embeddable, but the RDM window still pops up and takes focus.

Here's the odd part. If I use the "Reduce to tray on close" feature by clicking the Close button, it doesn't popup when I launch from the tray. It only happens when I minimize RDM from the actual Minimize button. My guess is that the RDM window has different states for minimize and the "Reduce to tray on close" option, and that's why there's a difference in behavior.

This is definitely not a priority request, but it is a bit of a nuisance if you're connecting to several non-embedded sessions throughout the day.

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For me, it's a bug and don't worry, it will be fixed soon.

David Hervieux
Devolutions inc.

David Hervieux


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