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I was wondering if RDM can support a proxy connection to reach RDP servers located outside a corp network.

To reach internet I must use a proxy but RDM not support it to use over RDP.

I must connect azure RDP servers and I need to define a proxy to get into the internet.

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How do you do that with mstsc? We have a http proxy connection type in RDM. I don't know if this could help.


David Hervieux


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Hi David, I do not use mstc because I couldn't define a proxy. You mean the "devolutions proxy" or the "proxy tunnel"?

If the devolutions proxy how can I use with an RPD connection?

I also use SecureCRT to connect to my linux boxes and I can define a proxy to connect linux boxes outside my LAN by using a proxy. RDM is able to do a similar thing?

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Could you please try creating an entry of type Proxy Tunnel and specify the Proxy settings in it to see if it achieves what you need?

Best regards,

Mark Beausejour


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