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I need to setup the database and clients so that 3 teams of 5 people can use the product. The structure I would like to implement is this.

Create 3 repositories. Called for example GIS, IT ,IS
Add the 5 GIS users to the DB and allow them access to GIS repository only (AD users)
Add the 5 IT users to the DB and allow them access to the IT repository only (AD users)
Add the 5 IS users to the DB and allow them access to the IS repository only (AD users)

Have 1 single administrator who has access to everything.

All 15 users will NOT be administrators, so they should not see the admin tools at all.
All 15 users should only be able to see the entries in their relevant repository.
1 custom install package to cover all 3 options.


Should the main data source setting connect to the DB only, or do you need to specify the repository on the settings tab? (meaning a custom install per group)
Can the credentials used to connect to the DB be a single SQL user, with DBO rights on the DB? or for each client the user used to connect to the DB is the user logging into the application? (meaning a custom install per group)

I'm hoping if you set the data source to just the DB, then when a GIS user logs in, all they see are the items in the GIS repository and they don't have access to any others. When the admin logs in, they can see everything.

Can you advise please on the method I need to use in order to achieve this.


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your explanation,

Regarding the custom install package, multiple options is available depending how the users would like to work. You can deploy RDM with 3 data source configured, one per repositories and the users have to select the repository require to work.

Or you can create a single data source configuration, so the users only need to enter their credentials or select the right connection type and select the repository they have access to.

They also have the possibility to send the data source configuration in RDD to the right department.

Regarding the users, we recommend creating one user account per employees, so in this case it will be easier to follow the logs and to be sure that the security you set is not permitting too much access. Also, many features as the private vault, required to have one account per user.

To create the users please read this help topic, it will help create the users in RDM directly.

Best regards,

David Grandolfo


Clock2 yrs