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Issues with RDM on iOS

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I was trying to find the original thread about this that I was discussing with David H. but couldn't find it, so here we are..

I have a few issues as to why I don't use the RDM on iOS compared to other RDP solutions.
1. The window does not dynamically size when turning the phone - the other solutions I use do dynamically adjust the screen to fit. I had some screenshot, but I can't seem to get them forwarded off the phone.. but it is easily reproducible.. connect with RDM on IOS with the phone in portrait mode, and then turn it to landscape. The screen rotates, but does not resize.

2. The mouse is on the insensitive side and is sometimes difficult to manage with the screen so small

3. Scrolling feels inconsistent.. It seems like sometimes I have to "reverse scroll" to get the correct direction, and other times I don't. What I mean by this, is occasionally it feels like I am moving the entire RDM connection window to move the screen, other times it feels like I'm moving inside the window - totally transverse to each other.

Overall, I do like it, and if at least #1 gets fixed, then I would start using that as my main mobile platform. 2 & 3 are important, but not show stoppers.

David F.

Clock3 yrs

Hi David F,

1. I'll see if I can add an option for this. As it requires the RDP session to be restarted.

2. I've added a mouse sensitivity feature to my todo.

3. I'm unable to reproduce this issue at the moment. Could you provide me with a way to easily replicate it?

Best regards

Mathieu Morrissette


Clock3 yrs