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Not able to choose Active Directory as User Source

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we're currently evaluating the Password Vault Manager Enterprise Edition. To test this i am using a Windows 10 (Domain joined) Machine with a locally installed MSSQL Server 2016 (Express Edition) and a 30 day Trial license.
We configured the data source to SQL which is working fine. I am connected with a Domain user who is DB Owner and SYSDBA on the SQL Server. When i go to Administration > Users > Add User i click on Integrated security > Locations where i expect to Change the Location from my local System to the Domain.
Unfortunately i cannot choose the domain here (see screenshot here I only see my local Computer account (WS11964).
Any idea, why i'm unable to choose my Domain? As i said i'm using a Domain joined PC, start the application with a Domain user and i
'm connecting to the SQL Server with a Domain user.
I can add additional Domain users within SQL and then Login to application fine, but i would prefer to create the users within the application itself.

Thanks in advance,

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This is a known issue and it has been resolved internally.

The fix will be available in the next release of PVM.

As of now, the workaround is to type the username manually (domain\username).

Sorry about that.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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