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A feature to allow us to transmit the system sound from the target to the remote user's device would be useful for some applications. Do you know if this is a planned feature?


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Hi Nicholas,

It is something we have on our radar, but we don't know yet when we will implement it. We are currently hard at work on higher priority features (NAT traversal, unattended mode, etc). Sound redirection requires a significant amount of work. Can you describe what your use case would be? This can help us better understand how much effort we need to put in for a first acceptable version of the feature.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


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Thanks for the information! We are looking to project a laptop's screen onto a Smartboard / Meeting room computer for classes and presentations. It would be convenient to be able to have audio from the laptop transferred to the computer that the Smartboard is connected to, allowing us to play the audio from the Smartboard speakers. Our SmartBoard displays do not have an analog audio input (they recieve sound via HDMI). We would generally use this for Videos, sound bites and perhaps video conferencing during a presentation. Videos currently look decent through the WaykNow connection. I understand that audio transmission is an advanced functionality, especially syncing the audio with the display for videos. Currently we'll need to run any presentations which require audio on the Smartboard's dedicated computer.

I really appreciate the attention you give to the user feedback for your products. Thanks for your time!

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I'm looking into using Wayk Now together with RDM.
The remote machines are workstations with one or two screens attached that will generate sound alerts when attention is required.
RDM will be installed on a VDI being connected to using a thin client with a video wall of 9 monitor attached.
Each of the remote workstation screens will have to be able to be displayed on one of the 9 video wall monitors either pre configured or dragged to (undock) so that is where RDM come into play.
We were planning on having Wayk Now connections (through one or more Terminal Services gateways) to the remote workstations to be able to display either workstation screens and as said when a alert plays a sound at the work stations showing on the video wall the sound should be played on the thin client.

What would be the best alternative for Wayk Now at this time in this setup?


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Hello Jan-Pieter,

As of now, I don't have any suggestion for you as an alternative of WaykNow for the moment, but I will assign this to our engineering department to see if it's something that can WaykNow can do.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

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