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Allow Filtering & Grouping Based on EC2 Synchronizer

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Allow filtering out based on column or tag value.
Allow grouping/virtual groups based on a chosen tag value. EC2 uses tags to help organize, so this would help allow the EC2 synchronizer to be useful by grouping based on whatever metadata is important.

Clock2 yrs

Thank you for the feature request. Do you have an example of what you would like?


David Hervieux


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As an example, let's say I want to create a "virtual group" for my "prod" instances vs my "staging" instances (and in this case they are in the same aws region/environment.

My attribute might be

Maybe offering a box for some named group regex matching or json parsing logic would allow me to then set:

Virtual Groups
- Group Based on : TAG:ENVIRONMENT
- Subgroup Based on : TAG:MACHINETYPE

Does this make some sense?

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