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Citrix Receiver support?

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My organization is in the process of starting to roll out Citrix for our hosted clients, but we're using something called the Citrix Receiver, as opposed to the more traditional ICA client. I've downloaded a trial edition of RDM 8.2, but after trying the two Citrix session options available, I can't seem to make things work as expected. Using a Citrix Web connection, I can open a connection to our Citrix web portal in an embedded tab, but clicking on any published apps or full desktops results in a file download that then launches the apps or desktops in separate, standalone windows.

At the very least, it would be preferable to have the full desktop sessions load in embedded tabs. Is there any chance this functionality can be added to RDM, or is this new connectivity method too proprietary to integrate?

Clock7 yrs

When you tried the ICA,have you received an error? I think that the receiver has the ActiveX included but RDM does not support the login if it's a web portal.

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs