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A configurable Footer that can run a Template.
The thing I want to accomplish is showing info form a different system in RDM.
An example is Paessler PRTG if you have a Server in RDM and do Monitoring that server with Paessler PRTG it is possible to see the information on that server on a web page.
So instead of having to open Paessler PRTG and navigate to the server I want so show that web page under Dashboard in RDM.
An example url:$CUSTOM_FIELD2$&tabid=1
This can be done today by adding a Macros/scripts/Tools entry that loads a Template, but then the web page is open in a TAB that isn’t connected to the dashboard of that server in RDM.

Clock3 yrs

Indeed it's not possible now. I will add a feature request for that. Thank you


David Hervieux


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