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I would like to see some improvements in the AWS Cloud Console.

- Save the selected region, so that one doesn't have to change always from asia pacific to where ever your server are.

Quick Connect:
- Add a check box for "key server". (Not to select always a key file.)
- Store the last path to key file.
- Add .pem files to the file open menu. That's the standard download format from AWS.
- Change the username input field to an editable drop-down list. If you are using CentOS or Ubuntu amis (and didn't change the default user) or have your personal user you always have to change "ec2-user".
- Store the last "username".

This (or parts of it) would be in my eyes a great help.

Kind regards,

Clock2 yrs

I have added a feature request for that. I can't give you a timeframe but this sound interesting.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs