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RDM Migration to DVLS?

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Hi All,
My current set-up is 20+ users all using Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise backed by a Microsoft SQL database.
I've deployed a Devolutions server using a trial for testing. There are several reasons for this:

  • We want to move away from Keepass to a better system that gives us more granular control over who gets access to what.
  • We also need audit tracking/logging of who accesses what.
  • Other minor features which are awesome.
I've proceeded to install a DVLS as per the guide which involved configuring a new data source using a Devolution Server instead of a SQL database.
Now, if I understand this correctly, a Devolutions Server data source works similar to a SQL data source in that I can import our Keepass database and assign various permission.
I also need to import or migrate all our remote session connections from our old RDM database to the new DVLS database, is this correct?
Basically, we will have one database which is the new DVLS database which will hold everything.
If I also understand it correctly, I don't need Password Vault, as the features it offers are already built into RDM.
Assuming I have understood everything above correctly, what’s the best way to export our RDM info from the old DB into our new DVLS DB?

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Two different solutions are available for your data.

The first one is to export all the entries, security groups and roles from your SQL data source to the DVLS data source. We recommend to use the PowerShell functions that are available on this forum thread

The other solution is to connect your DVLS instance directly on your old SQL database in the Database tab of the Server Settings dialog. The SQL database is fully compatible with a DVLS instance. To be sure that the database version will be the correct one to use with DVLS, click on the Update Database button.


For your information, the usage of alternate UPN suffixes is not supported yet with DVLS (i.e. for Office 365 binding). If your AD environment is configured with alternate UPN suffixes, we recommend to use DVLS and RDM until DVLS 4.x will support this configuration.

If you need help with one of these solutions, we can schedule a remote session. Please send us an email at with your time zone location and we will send you our online calendar to schedule an appointment.

Best regards,

Érica Poirier

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