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Share entry to users and groups

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in our company are multiple departments with multiple security levels, so not every department should be able to see every entry.
Our plan is to use devolutions server and build the database like a tree with department directorys.

Now it would be great if there is the possibility to set a "home directory" to every role and a share button in the context menu when you right-click an entry to share the entry to a group (role) or an user.

For Example:

Department A (Role: Department A) has a home directory DevolutionServer1\Department A.
Department B (Role: Department B) has a home directory DevolutionServer1\Department B.

An epmloyee In Department A wants to share a Password to a colleague in Department B, but in the subdirectory where the password is located are some passwords that can not be published for security reasons.

In my imagination it would be nice if the employee in Department A can right-click the entry (Share -> To Group -> Department B) and share it to Deparment B. Now the Server generates a Subdirectory in the home directory of Department B called "Shared by Department A" where the colleague of Department B can find the shared password.

Can u realize something like this?

Nico Lammert

Clock2 yrs

Unfortunately it's not possible for now. You could use repository to split your different department but it's not possible to share the content. I don't say it's not possible to do but right not our architecture does not allow this. I will have to think about that and it a major feature for sure.


David Hervieux


Clock2 yrs