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"The entry cannot be viewed!"

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Hi there !

On andriod I open an xml-datasource. When I want to "View" a connection, the errormessage "The entry cannot be viewed!" ist displayed.

( I create a xml-backup-file with the desktop-app, store it in my owncloud, and open it in android. For testing I created a backup file which was not encrypted an I could see the infomation I wanted to see within the xml-file. So the information is in the xml but the app shows the error-message).

Howewer: to view a group or data entry is possible...

Thanks for your help in advance,


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Hi Oliver,

Thank you for your feedback. Not all entry types can be viewed on Android.

Can you please send us your xml data source test file.

This will help us determine if you encountered a bug or if the type of entry that you are working with cannot be viewed.

You can send your test file to the following address:

Best Regards,

Nicolas Dufour


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Hi Nicolas,
thanks for Your help. Our policy doesn't allow to send a file. Also some passwords would be in it...

For me important is the field "Beschreibung" (german for "description") - So if I could display "Description" in android, this would be great.


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