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Ideas for enhanced variable processing functions

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The variables are a great feature within RDM but there are times when we want to modify the values that get used.

Adding some simple functions would allow additional flexibility.

For example, adding some @FUNCTIONS loosely based on Excel macros.

@IFBLANK - e.g. @IFBLANK($CUSTOM_FIELD_1$,DEFAULT) - Returns "DEFAULT" if the $CUSTOM_FIELD_1$ is blank or $CUSTOM_FIELD_1$ otherwise

@LEFT/RIGHT/MID - e.g. @LEFT($HOST$,4) - Returns the first four characters of the host field
@WORD - e.g. @WORD($NAME$,1) - Returns the first space delimtted work from the name field
@UPPER/@LOWER - e.g. @UPPER($HOSTS$) - Returns the UPPER case string of the host field
@REPLACE - e.g. @REPLACE($HOSTS$,OLD,NEW) - Replaces the string OLD with NEW in the host field

I am sure there are other functions, these were just some ideas.


Clock3 yrs

I will enter a feature request for that but this is not as simple as it seems. For us it would be a major change since we would have to write a parser.


David Hervieux


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+1 on that idea!

Would also help this request as well I think

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