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Warning message when variables are blank

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Would it be possible to have a global setting (with a per session override) that displays a warning dialog if variables are being used that are blank?

I have a number of simple send key macros that use session variables and parent / company level variables to create some CLI commands for an SSH session. This command string is basically an ftp copy command and uses the company level variables to define the FTP username.

However, if the correct variables have not been given values the send key strings are incorrect and I would like a warning message so that the user can cancel out of the macro before the command is sent to allow them to correctly set the variables first.

The use of a global setting and a per session override would ensure existing functionality doesn't change. But we could then "override" the macro to enable the warning message if it uses blank variables. Overrides could also be used directly on the session where we reference variables for the internal and external IP address and if these are not set in the custom fields, then a warning dialog could also be displayed when the session is started.

Does this make sense?


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I will enter a feature request for that.


David Hervieux


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