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Smartcard logon on Windows 2008/2012

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I need to be able to login on Windows Servers 2008 R2 & 2012 R2 from my Mac with a smartcard. I've a Yubikey configured and I can login from a Windows 10 VM (VMWare Fusion) on a server without any issue but I cannot connect from my MAC. I've the error message "No valid certificate were found on this smartcard".

I've noticed that the Smartcard service start when I connect with a Windows Client but not when I connect with a Mac client.

Is it an available feature to be able to login with a smartcard?

I've attached the RDP logs related to the connection.


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Hi Pierre-Antoine,

Alas, any smart card related features are not guaranteed to function. This is more of a FreeRDP issue than a Remote Desktop Manager issue and there's few things we can do ourselves.

Your log does seem to indicate that something is being done with the smart card, so I'll still contact our in-house FreeRDP specialist, but I can't guarantee anything.

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


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