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We will have a very hard time managing all those repositories to store the info of our customers (import not finished yet). We do need a quick way to access the information when a customer calls and having to switch between repos won't help that. At this point, having to separate around 25-30 customers in a single repository will become a huge constraint, borderline and issue. I do not know what's behind the scene but to my humble opinion, the software becomes very clunky/heavy passed 1500 entries, which is very low. The database size is only 350Mb or so. Another thing also is that we cannot link items from one repo to the other.

So I am requesting an overall improvement in performance, if feasible at all.

thanks and keep up the good work!


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RDM is not always connected to the database. RDM communicates with the server at the opening and saved all the connections locally in a local cache. Depending on the action that you made in RDM, like editing a session as example, the new information is sent to the database and then the local cache is refresh and updated.

I know that you have sent a diagnostic report to our support mailbox already and in that report indicates that you have 3800 entries in your database. One of our agent mentioned my that you plan to have 10 000 entries nearly. In your case, to speed up the performance of RDM, you would need to split your data in repositories. I think that you already working on this actually.

Here's our online help on the repositories if needed

You can also use our Data Source shortcut entrie to switch rapidly between your data source

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

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