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Remote Desktop on Floating Windows

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I really want to buy this software, but I can't justify it for at least one reason.

I need the software to allow for "floating remote desktops".

As I transition to a developer, I will probably need this less and less. But currently as software support, I have to log into countless remote desktops all the time. In Windows (aka via mstsc.exe sessions) I can move the sessions around, resize them, maximize, work with different resolutions, on different monitors etc. I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into RDP for this software, but I'd like to just drag and drop these RDP sessions to other monitors and not have to constantly tab between them!! I have to work in Test/Dev/Prod systems all at once, so often times I will need each one on a different screen. Our corporate network is all locked down and remote powershell is turned off. We have to do a lot of manual RDP...ugh! Help!

ASG Remote Desktop is an example of software that already does this. You can have tabbed RDP sessions, but also drag and drop them anywhere on any monitor, resize them, etc. I like your software better, though...thanks in advance.

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We have named this the "undocked" display mode.

  • In file - options, types - rdp, you can set a system wide override that will simply ignore what is in all sessions.
  • If its something you want to choose for a specific set of sessions, you will need to "batch edit" them to change the display mode.
  • To have all new sessions use that mode, it would be best to use our "default settings" feature to define default values.

On the other hand, if its occasional like me, I have all of mine set to use the "embedded" display mode, then I right-click on the tab and choose "undock" as needed

Just to add more fuel to the fire, In my advanced demos, I use "open with template", that template is specifying not only the display mode, but also the monitor, I use the button available within the dashboard to initiate sessions

A lot of choices...

Maurice Côté


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