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Browser Extensions not finding entries anymore

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We're using DVLS and PVM with browser extensions. It seems that the browser extensions are no longer finding any entries. If I were to open a web entry externally from PVM, then the browser entry sees the matching web login entry in PVM. But if I refresh the page, the entention states that no entries exists.

This is for all web entries that I know for a fact worked previously, so it's not an entry matching issue (even entries with regex matching worked, now they do not).

I tried:

  • Rebooted computer
  • Reinstalled PVM client
  • Deleted the configuration files from the appdata local and roaming folders
  • Rebooted the DVLS server
  • Reinstalled the browser extension
  • Installed Firefox and extension
  • Tested on Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and IE
  • Tested on another computer that it worked previously, now it doesn't work

What else can I do to troubleshoot?


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What is your Password Vault Manager version?

Do you use Devolutions Web Login for Chrome, Firefox or Opera?

Did you check "Enable link to Password Vault Manager app" in the options?

Can you log the communication between PVM and DWL this way:

1. Click on the Help tab in PVM
2. Click on the Profiler button
3. Click on the Debug Only tab in the Performance profiling window
4. Write 19 in the debug level text field.
5. Go to one website where you have credentials and refresh the page
6. Go back to the profile window and send me the logs via private message

Best regards,

Olivier Désalliers


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Password vault version

Extensions for Opera version but just tested with and still the same.
The option is checked to use PVM and unchecked to use RMD.
I'm sending you the communication log now.

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