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I've noticed when logging into the online version of RDM (Devolution server).
You can select all the entry's and press 'play', but every entry just sends you over to RDM instead.

Even the 'credentials' sends you to RDM.
So my feature request is being able to use the web-based version. (or atleast being able to use the credentials)

Funny enough, it even opens a second remote desktop manager instance.

Clock3 yrs

I have a good news for you. We are in the final stage (making adjustment for the mobile) of the new DVLS version completely rewritten in Angular and with the possibility to view the information. It's a Password Vault Manager web. This means that you will be able to get exactly what you wish. The remote connection will still be executed by RDM.

About the second RDM, do you have activated the RDM multiple instance option?


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs