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Hello All,

I am requesting for another option with screen sizing mode.
Within my team, we use pretty large wide monitors, sometimes they are not uniform with different resolutions.
With widescreens, when we RDP, we like to have our session use a half horizontal, full vertical size. allowing us to have 2 nicely formatted RDP sessions open a monitor.
Right now we have it configured with custom resolutions, but not everyone has the same resolution - so its quite a hassle to set this up individually.
So having an option that has a "half" size that will auto calculate the monitor size and half it would be great when configuring this in a template.

Clock3 yrs

Hello Frank,
Just to be sure I understand, this would be be half size but on in external mode?


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

Yes, for external mode. thanks for clarifying

Clock3 yrs