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WindowsITPro review follow-up: UI customization

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Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, Russell Smith from reviewed Remote Desktop Manager. In case you missed it, here's the link:

Russell pointed out two areas that in his opinion needed improvements:

  • Better/More documentation
  • UI might be too clustered for some users

I've already posted an article on the Devolutions blog that explains the changes we've made to our online help to improve documentation.

As for the UI, I asked our product manager Maurice to record a quick 5-minute video showing how you can fully customize the UI in Remote Desktop Manager. I invite you to take a look at it on our Youtube channel here:

Feel free to explore other tutorials while you are there.

Let me know which tutorial you would like to see next.


Maxime Trottier


Clock7 yrs

I have experimented with the UI customizations and have the UI looking how I want. BUT each time I close Remote Desktop Manager, my UI customizations get reset. How do I prevent this? Basically I get rid of the entire footer and I disable the "magnet icon" (grab the keyboard input).

Clock7 yrs

@automaton - Please try the following steps:
Close RDM
Goto %LocalAppData%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManager & delete all .lyt files.
Start RDM
Customiz the UI
Restart RDM, all should now be ok

Stefane Lavergne


Clock7 yrs