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Network Location Option

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For many smaller clients I have different connection strings for accessing rdp/vnc/etc... remotely without having to dial a vpn first. I use the ping & port scan feature to auto detect the host but this is slow, freezes up RDM, and doesn't always work properly.
It would be great if I could assign network locations and RDM would only use local address if I said I was in that network location.

Clock7 yrs

This seems to be a good idea. So you could define a VPN depending of the location?

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

I imagine it as alot of things. If not in location x dial vpn first or use remote address. Dialing a vpn could automatically set the location flag but you would want to be able to manually set it too for when a service laptop is onsite.

Clock6 yrs

good idea smile

Clock6 yrs

I agree, that is a really good idea smile


Clock6 yrs