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AutoIT - Unable to run scripts?

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Hi there,

I've installed the RDM agent onto multiple VPS, I right click the VPS in Remote desktop manager & run a very basic AutoIT script but nothing happens on any of the hosts.

The hosts are running Windows 7 & I've resorted to using Powershell which appears to work but it's very bulky for the task i'm trying to do.

I've even tried installing autoit on the hosts too.

Can any one assist?

Clock3 yrs


Installing AutoIT on the hosts is indeed necessary, our Agent simply receives an encoded file and does one of two things:

  • For scripts, it runs them itself
  • for complex commands, it asks a full fledged RDM install to run that command.

In short, as soon as you try to does not equate to a command line session, it requires a full RDM.

In the case of AutoIT, its in our Macro/Script/Tool (m/s/t) family, meaning that its meant to run against a session, meaning that the m/s/t does not have any information about a host, it grabs that from the session you run it on...

This means that conceptually, your RDM needs to tell the agent to first resolve your session, then launch your AutoIT script againt the host it contains.

I'm not sure thats what you mean to do

I believe that what you would like to have is a standalone session that runs an AutoIT script, which we do not have.

maybe there's a way though, I will try a few things

Maurice Côté


Clock3 yrs

Yeah, basically i'm having some AutoIT scrips coded that do various things on the machines & I want to be able to run the scrips on 10-15 machines at a time. I have no problems with installing AutoIT/RDM on all of the VPS's.


Clock3 yrs