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My colleagues and I are often facing this problem: We have stored many nodes in RDM (generally for each of our customers one node). Every node contains of 1 RDP Server and several different user credentials for this server:

The way to connect to this server with one of these user credentials (under the same node as the server) takes a lot of time. We have to right click on the server item, then choose <open with parameters>, then click on <open (select credential entry)>. In the following credential list, the active node we came from is not filtered or highlighted, so we have to search for that again. Since many users on different systems have the same name, it makes no sense to type the user name into the <search> field. Finally when we found the node we came from, we are able to select the user we want to connect to the server with.

I have two feature requests to avoid situations like this:

  • It would be great, if we could start a session with a specific user credential using drag and drop: Select the user you want to connect with and drop it on the server you want to connect to. Maybe followed by a popup to confirm the opening of the session with the selected user.
  • The "credential list" dialog could be improved by automatically highlighting the node you came from or maybe adding a additional button "jump to current node" which would do the same.

  • Please notice that there already has been the following communication with your support.

    Your reply:
    Thanks for contacting support departments, we appreciate the idea you bring us to improve RDM, but one of the solutions is already implanted into RDM.

    The User Specific Settings allow you to override the configuration of the entry for the User only. So if you perform this modification with your RDM user, none of your colleague will have this setting. So this configuration permit you to configure all RDP server with the right password only once. After each time you would like to start the RDP entry, you won’t have the request to choose the username/password.

    Please take a look at this procedure and inform me if it’s not what you are looking at.

    My answer to your supporter's advice:
    I'm aware of the User Specific Settings and I think it's a very helping feature. But unfortunately not in this case: These user credentials are not specific to one of our own users or machines. The choice, which user we need, depends on various conditions like the current support case or the specifics for a customer presentation. So we have to make this decision every time we connect to a server depending on what we need to do. That's why I sent you these two feature requests.

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    I will talk next week with the support next week but I think that you could use the Prompt for credential and specify your current folder. They should be able to explains it better or find the reference in the help.


    David Hervieux


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    As I understand, the credentials are saved in the same folder as your remote sessions (RDP as example).

    If it's the case, I suggest to configure the child sessions to be set to Inherited and configure the parent folder to Credential Repository -> Prompt On Connection. Then, under Prompt on Connection, you will see a blue hyperlink that will allow you to specify a folder for the location of the credentials
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    With this configuration, when you will launch a child session, the credential list will appear in the appropriate folder
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    Best regards,

    Jeff Dagenais


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