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Dashboard customization

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Hi Guys,

RDM dashboard is a great tool where you've all the built-in actions and tools. The downside is that you can't customize it to fit different types of connections/needs. Sometimes it gets confusing to have add-ons and remote tools that don't make sense for a particular session type (i.e we have a lot of iLO sessions and for this type of session "Remote Printer" is available).

I know it's a challenge to design a fully customizable dashboard in WinForms. I was playing with Azure custom dashboards the other days and I thought their approach would fit in RDM.

Would it make sense to replace the current Winforms dashboard with a chromium engine and have a fully blown HTML5 dashboard in an Iframe?
HTML/Javascript where designed for this kind of challenges.

I've included a gif from Microsoft website to show the custom dashboard concept:


Azure's dashboards have a canvas with a grid and you can drag and drop "widgets" to make your custom view.

I think this approach has a lot of potential. It would give us the customization we need in a clean and proven approach while allowing endless integrations with other tools.

There's a video on youtube showing the Azure custom dashboard in action -


Clock3 yrs

This would be great but this is the kind of features that could take 6 months to develop. We will need to create a kind of local web server to return the data to the dashboard. I will try to keep this in mind but I can't promise you anything on the short term.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs