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roles with active directory groups not working

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we use Devolutions-Server/RDM with our active directory, user login works fine but we are not able to get our Active Directory groups in RDM.
What we have done:
Setup Domain-User for RDM, enter the domain and the user with credentials. By pressing the validate button, it says "Connection successful!"
In the next step we want to create a role mapped with a group in AD.
I click "roles" --> add role --> the three buttons to scan AD for the group
than i get an error message: "ERROR SILENT: BrowseForDirectoryObjectName - Unable to get domain controller name: The user name or passwort is incorrect."
If i click OK it says he is unable to contact the domain, have you entered credentials in the Security Management Form?

Here we are stuck, i can connect with my AD user and work but he can't scan the groups.

Please help.

Greetings Steffen

Clock3 yrs


To fix the issue, you have to configure the Administration credentials information in the User and Security Management dialog. You can use either an administration account or a service account that have a full read permission on the domain.


Then, when you click on the ellipsis button, you will have to enter another time the same credential in this dialog. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this credential prompt.


Best regards,

Érica Poirier

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Solved my problem, i think i was blind xD


greetings steffen

Clock3 yrs