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Wayk Now Version 1.1 Now Available

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Full Change History:
* Improve Windows packer, reduce size
* Improve Windows High DPI support
* Add client-side display selection support
* Fix Windows fullscreen/maximized default monitor
* Use auto zoom by default on client when necessary
* Fix macOS client dynamic desktop resizing support
* Fix Windows server negative mouse coordinates support
* Add Windows elevation prompt to interact with privileged processes
* Add Windows certificate exception management dialog
* Fix potential high cpu usage on Windows due to network discovery
* Fix macOS duplicate entries in discovery window
* Fix macOS Prompt for Permission authentication
* Fix macOS client issue with the shift key handling
* Fix macOS issue with caps lock and right shift keys
* Fix potential issue with self-signed certificate usage
* Fix and prevent potential race conditions in network code
* Fix macOS server issue when accepting a view request
* Fix issue with keyboard shortcuts in macOS server
* Fix issue with the clipboard in macOS server

Wayk Now's version 1.1 is available and free to download (for personal use) on the following link:

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