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Remove Ctrl-Enter as default Open Shortcut

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Ctrl-Enter is set as the default "Open in Embedded Tab" option.
This gets really annoying since having to move to a new line in many programs (aside from Shift-Enter) is also Ctrl-Enter (excel, google docs, etc).
The default option for Open in Embedded Tab should be changed.

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You can change this CTRL+ENTER keyboard shortcut for any shortcut of your choice in File -> Options -> User Interface -> Keyboard -> Actions.

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Jeff Dagenais

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Oh yes. I know. Ibhave to change it on every install.
But it shouldn't be the default. It's a common keystroke inside sessions and causes issues due to embedded pop-ups.
It also doesn't persist on upgrades so I have to go back in and change it for each update.

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You should not loose your configuration after each update. It's saved in remotedesktopmanager.cfg:

I will check to change the default.


David Hervieux


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