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Looking for PS example of executing without any RDM UI?

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Supposedly the new RDM 12 client and PowerShell will support unattended execution of RDM scripts without a UI? Looking for an example of this to be able to update my RDM client scripts.

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Hi Stuart,

It's still possible to get RDM UI in the new PowerShell module. When do you get RDM UI in your scripts? What are the cmdlets you are using?

There are already some cases covered by the cmdlets:

- You can change the current data source and if a login is required in your data source, you can pass the username and password in the cmdlet to avoid the login prompt:

Set-RDMCurrentDataSource -ID $dataSourceVariable -Username $MyUsername -Password $MyPassword

- If you want to open a session without having to open RDM:

Open-RDMSession -ID $session.ID -Silent

Best regards,

Olivier Désalliers


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We can close this. I have another thread going for Open-RDMSession not taking the -Silent switch

See: Update topic - Methods to run RDM Synchronizer via Powershell appear to require interact with Desktop - Olivier Désalliers


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