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Hi RDM Team, I'm not quite sure if it is a bug or if it is working as intended, but RDM behaves a bit odd if Sub Connections and Folder inheritance of variables is used.

-Create a Folder, set to Server, give it a name like "servername" and fill in the Computer Field "$NAME$.domain"
-Inside the folder create a Host Entry with the name "$COMPUTER_HOST_WITHOUT_DOMAIN$" and the host entry "$COMPUTER_HOST$"
-add a Web Browser Sub Connection to the Host connection, name it "web" and fill in the URL "http://$PARENT_HOST$"

Now open the web connection and look at the URL. For me it expands to "http://$NAME$.domain", but as I understand, it should expand to "http://servername.domain".

Is this intended behavior? For sure I could fill in "$COMPUTER_HOST$" in the Sub Connection to make the use case work, but this would introduce direct relations between Sub Connections and the folder where the Parent Connection resides in...

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Hi John,

Thanks to your point after a look at the engineer department and a test on my side, the way that you have http://$NAME$.domain is "Normal". Unfortunately we cannot resolve a variable into another variable, otherwise the variable $NAME$ will take the name of your Web Browser entry.
The variable isn't stored somewhere to let us do that step they are resolved when you click on it.

I recommend that you use the $COMPUTER_HOST$ as you test it.

Best Regards,

David Grandolfo


Clock3 yrs