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VPN settings - folder level

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After reading a post in the Help section regarding VPN settings on a folder level, it got me thinking how this could help creating/modifying all of my sessions.
Currently I have to modify each individual session, and first create the VPN session type in the general tab, then I have to add the SSH server settings in the Settings/General tab, and then I also have to add the Remote server settings in the same tab.
Unfortunately this can't be done on a folder level because Remote server is needed and that is different for every session.

Is it possible to set the VPN session type, and SSH server settings on a folder level but then only add the Remote server settings to each individual session?
This will save 100's of duplicated settings and save so much time configuring them all. (many are still using putty port forwarding that I am changing to VPN).

Clock3 yrs

I think that if you use the Inherited vpn mode and set a variable for the remote server in the parent it will work. For example you could set $CUSTOM_FIELD1$

Could you give it a try?


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

I did not know this but it works perfectly!
Thank you so much.

Clock3 yrs