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Remove credentials from Devolutions Server

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When building a Customer Installer and inserting a data source for Devolutions Server, the installer also carries across the credentials for connection to the Devolutions Server.

Can you please add an option when building a package to strip the credentials out?

We require all of our users to use their own credentials when connecting to the data source.

Clock3 yrs

I will add a feature request for that but in the meantime you could create a new DVLS data source with empty username and password. You only have to include only this one in the customer installer.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

Thanks David, that is what I ended up doing. It was just annoying to go through the process, wait 30 minutes for the build, download and test it to find that it had my credentials in there and I had to do it all again.

Not a major issue once you know about it, but worth the suggestion smile

Clock3 yrs

Mr James,

This feature has been added and will be available in the next beta of RDM.

All you'll have to do to clear the credentials of all the data sources selected in the installer is to uncheck the checkbox shown below



Michaël Beaudin


Clock3 yrs

Thanks Michael, much appreciated.

Clock3 yrs