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FortiClient SSL VPN credential management

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Right now it is only possible to hard-code the VPN credentials for FortiClient SSL VPN connections in each entry. This presents a problem in at least two use-cases:

1) Large number of entries utilizing the same SSL tunnel, and the tunnel credentials change - the credentials now have to be manually updated in all entries, one by one, as batch edit does not support this.
2) Multiple users connecting to the same entry with separate credentials stored in the RDM private vault - hard-coding VPN credentials in the RDM entry makes it impossible to use separate VPN credentials, which is required in certain cases, e.g. when two-factor authentication (FortiToken) is used. Our current workaround for this type of sessions is to use private vault for everything, but this is not ideal, as private vault cannot synchronize changes between users (new/obsolete entries, changed addresses, etc).

Would it be possible to enable the VPN addon to use credential entries (shared/private vault) for FortiClient SSL VPN connections?

Thank you.

Clock3 yrs

What version of RDM do you use? In RDM Enterprise you can set a credential entry when you create a VPN connection.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

Thank you. I did not realize there was a separate 'VPN' entry type - I was defining the VPN inside each Remote Desktop entry separately. I created a VPN entry, chained it to a private vault credentials entry, chained the Remote Desktop entry to the VPN entry and now it's connecting successfully with centralized credentials.

Clock3 yrs