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OpenVPN running with 2 different configs.

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i'm using RDM + OpenVPN addon + OpenVPN 2.3, everything works well i can open/start an OpenVPN session/connection from the RDM.
I use the OpenVPN with 2 different configuations to two different tunnels. when i open the OpenVPNGui i manually outside the RDM. i see the two configured connections and can start/run both add the same time.
In the RDM i have imported in two different sessions in the OpenVPN-A the OpenVPN-Config-A and in the other OpenVPN-B the OpenVPN-Config-B.
Unfortuantely when i have started in RDM the OpenVPN-A it starts, but i can't start from the RDM the OpenVPN-B, due the message "the OpenVPN-GUI is already open".
So how is it possible from the RDM to start/open/run the OpenVPN to two different tunnels(connections). open a second OpenVPN connection?

many thanks in advance

Clock7 yrs

RDM invoke openVPN Gui. I'm not sure what I can do to ignore this message. Maybe there is something in the command line of OpenVPN. Could you verify for me?

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

Hi David,

i will check and come back.
rgs Bob

Clock7 yrs