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Autodisconnect idle session

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the log of activity is not true when user has multimonitor and he leave RDM opened and connected via RDP on a customer server on Monitor1 and work on Monitor 2 on another application. The time activity counted on the rdp session grow up.
Make a double check of timesheet and real time activity of the ServiceDesk team, verify time activity of an engineer on a remote customer server (in case of disputes with customer for invoiced activity) is very important for us.
Is impossible for us (and i suppose for all) make a windows policy on each customer server that disconnect our account session in idle state for more than xx' minutes.
Is very frustrating for us to remember to the helpdesk staff : hey .. disconnect from a remote session when you do another activity or you end the job.
Please consider the implementation of the following functionality: Autodisconnect idle session after xx minutes directly in RDM.

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I will enter a feature request for that.


David Hervieux


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hello David.
Thanks !
Great product, good support.. what else :-)

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